Throw pillows.  Whales & Fish.  Clutches.  Every one unique.

Each throw pillow is pieced together from various parts of old dungarees.  The ombre looking squares?  Those are from the denim that lives under your pockets.  Thin, short strips are from waist bands.  Every pillow is truly one-of-a-kind--I couldn't make two of the same even if I tried.  Just about all salvageable parts of a pair of jeans are used in one way or another.

All throw pillows are backed with one of three materials:

* A heavyweight, inky dark indigo denim

* A heavyweight twill linen

* A lighter weight natural linen

You can see the backing of a particular pillow in the product description, as well as a photo and general care instructions.

Every piece is laid out and pinned before sewing.


A while back I found some surplus leather hides at the place where I buy my pillow inserts. I had no need for any leather. I left with several hides anyway. I thought it would be cool to hand punch designs and then stitch them with yarn. I decided to turn them in to pillows. They are all backed with wool I’ve been saving in my studio. No two pillows are alike.

* Covered zippers on back of pillow

* Piping or pom-pom fringe edging



The whales & fish are largely made from pant legs...the wider the whale, the more of the jeans are used, including the seams. The front and back of the whales are made from two different pairs, so you have two different looks (switch it up depending on your mood!)  On occasion, if the jeans were patched, you will see that on the whale.  In the description you will find a photo of the opposite side.  Some of the more unusual washes really give them character.  They are stuffed with a poly-silk filling that I source locally and which is incredibly soft and fluffy.

Whale sizes are as follows: 

Little: 11”-12” long, 4”-5” wide, 2”-3” thick

Small: 19”-20” long, 4.5”-5.5” wide, 3”-4” thick

Medium: 24.5”-25.5” long, 6”-7” wide, 4”-5” thick

Large: 33”-34” long, 8”-9” wide, 4”-5” thick


Coming soon: Cute clutches for around town or a night out.  Stay tuned!